Education for Business Partners


CAI Business Partners are indispensable to the community associations they support with their guidance, products and services. CAI education helps these businesses and professionals differentiate themselves in the competitive community association marketplace.



​Program ​Background Requirements
​Educated Business Partner member distinction​​ ​Complete Business Partner Essentials course. Maintain CAI membership. 
Reserve Specialist (RS) ​ ​Prepare at least 30 reserve studies within the past three (3) calendar years, hold a bachelor's degree in construction management, architecture, or engineering (or equivalent experience and education), or meet other requirements options. Please see the application for full details.
Community Insurance and Risk Management Specialist (CIRMS)​ ​Five years of experience in the community association insurance field, be of satisfactory legal and ethical standing in the industry.
College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL)

​Minimum of seven (7) years legal practice with a demonstrated concentration in community association law, five (5) of which must immediately precede the date of application; be a member of CAI and have attended at least one CAI Law Seminar within the last five (5) years


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